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Monday, February 13, 2012

Katlyn Lacoste, a real gem!

Today, I am very please to bring you a feature on a very beautiful and talented muse and model, Katlyn Lacoste. She is a nude model from Baltimore, MD. who currently resides in Florida. She has traveled extensively and modeled for some outstanding photographers. Please join me in learning a little more about her and her thoughts on modeling nude and the nude in photography.

Q. Katlyn, why do you shoot nudes and how did you get started?

A. I shoot nudes because I absolutely love being nude. When I first started modeling I was totally against being in the nude because I thought it would be more frowned upon. It only took me a week or two to realize that posing nude let me feel more free and less of a sexual object. It was a real break through for me creatively and psychologically. I didn't have the guilt or dirty feeling of being something for arrousal. I was more interested in making art anyhow. It allowed me to think in forms of shapes and really get into the composition more and to use my body as a tool. To truly adapt to sceneries, climb, and extend. It really feels wonderful when you are striking a pose or mold into one and your body feels like it is in the perfect position and you are in sync with your head to your toes, your holding your breathe and the shot is taken. The click you have been waiting for. Its the best.

© Christopher Perez

Q. What have been your greatest joys from modeling nude?

A. My greatest joys are when the interactions a photographer are in tune. I love when I know the photographer shooting me is really in the game, attentive and ready to capture whatever I give him. I love being able to trust the photographer. When I say trust, I am not speaking about it like if I will be safe around him. It is like a creative trust when you will try something new, a new jump something drastic, dangerous challenging, you want to know that the moment will be captured. This is something that I know is important to me. It makes the whole photo shoot much more pleasurable. And with that bond you make goals of what you want to achieve together, you travel together and two minds are able to make the thought come alive. It brings a whole new understanding of each other when you can count on the eye of the photographer, and the photographer knows the models movements better.

I have found this with a good handful of photographers and they are the days that I am really happy to be alive.

© Peter Langone

Q. Who or what have been your influences as a model or muse?

A. As far as inspiration goes, when I first started modeling I looked up to Kat Love. She is a 6'2 wonder. I love how her body moves and her control. I always wanted to be like her or better. I kept her as a goal to me. She doesn't know that. I have never talked to her. I am so shy about it.

Other inspirations to me for pose ideas is going to a cirque de soliel shows. The rush of watching those performers makes me want to go wild on camera.

Dancing inspires me, and when you see really emotional pictures. All the things that you can relate to.

Rocks. Boy do I love rocks. Big boulders mostly, abandoned buildings, you name it. David Hilton would say I talk to rocks. I love molding my body around them. They are a play ground to me. Trying to see all the ways I can interact with them, fit in cracks, mimic, or dance on.

© Peter Langone

Q. How do you prepare for a shoot and what type of shoots do you like best and why?

A. When I prepare for a shoot I usually listen to music. Depending on my moods. Its similar to what I would do before soccer or softball games when I was growing up. I love getting pumped up. If I am able to play my music at a shoot thats even better.

The shoots I like the best really depend on the photographer and whats going on. I have had so much fun in this industry being able to go to extremely beautiful locations, being in small dark rooms with medium and large format wet plate cameras. When there is positivity and the photographer can come with a game plan thats really important to me as well. If they are searching for an idea, or mood I love being able to run with it and it becomes more of a collaboration.
© Christopher Ryan

Q. What qualities make you perform your best when modeling?

A. Professionalism and ethics. If you are an amateur, serious hobbyist, or do this for a living. It all applies.

Being respected. When photographers don't push my boundaries when I have laid them down, positive encouragement. Its great when both parties are excited about what they are creating! Knowing about the shoot game plan before going on the location some. I do love improvising, and its good to know what is expected. I don't like it when a photographer books me for a shoot and there are 3 other photographers there when it was set up as a one on one ( that situation has not happened often ) Its really common sense to get the best out of a model, be nice, know what you want, and don't be afraid to direct, and don't have surprises when you tell her she will be posing with another model and the model happens to be the photographer. We like knowing if we are doing the right thing or going in the correct direction of your vision. Communication, goes along with that, some of my least favorite shoots is when a photographer says nothing the whole entire time.

If you are new to photography and shooting models thats cool, any feedback is good though. Its so important. You may be surprised with your results.

© Peter Langone

Lastly, please tell everyone a little about yourself on a personal level that many people may not know about you.

Me? You want to know about little me?
Well, I just recently moved to Florida. I am from Baltimore. I love taking polaroids as one of my own little instant gratification hobby. only a couple people have seen my collection. I really enjoy painting and want to transition into painting full time eventually. I love prosciutto and cheese and Redbull.

My boyfriend (Peter Langone) and I have opened a studio down here for anyone traveling to the Fort Lauderdale area. Its perfect for motion and stills.Peter and I are working on a book together called Katlands, shooting all over the world taking a very purist Ansel Adams approach with a nude involved.

Only using film, one lens, one camera. :)

© Ed Johnston / Split Vision Images

I want to thank Katlyn for being so generous in participating in my blog and providing her thoughts on the nude and these glorious photogrpaphs. I have had the good fortune of working with her one time and hope to work with her again. So very easy to work with and so very professional and creative. If you want to see more of Katlyn and her work, please check out the links below.


  1. I really enjoyed reading about you and LOVE your look I am going to work with you very soon I cant wait

  2. Awesome! She inspires me to do better. If I ever get a point in modeling where someone wants to interview lil ole me, her name will be mentioned...hands down. Keep doing your thing Katlyn! Crimson